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The Artist

Luca Camberlingo, was born in Salerno en March 23, 1996.

His studies, at the "Antonio Genovesi" Technical Commercial Institute in Salerno, project him into youth reality and bring him closer to the student movements that, unwittingly, will influence his thinking and his vision of the contemporary period.


After completing his studies, at the end of 2015 he moved to London, where he embarked on his first work experiences and came into contact with a complex reality, a melting pot of races and ideologies, which will tangibly influence his vision of the world and his future artistic inspiration.


From England he undertakes several trips to Europe, in particular to Spain and Holland which will contribute to his artistic contamination through the knowledge of places, landscapes and characteristic characters. In particular, he is fascinated by the air you breathe and the lifestyle of Barcelona, ​​which bring him closer to the knowledge of the Cubist movement and the works of its greatest exponent, Pablo Picasso.


In the meantime, his London experience is enriched with the frequentation of artistic environments and the discovery of corners of the metropolis where creativity is pulsating and manifests itself in many forms, such as decorations inside pubs or old suburban buildings or as the murals of Shoreditch, open air art gallery.


At the beginning of 2018, the experiences suddenly condense and take shape when the first drawings are transformed into paintings that transform his moods and sensations into colors and figures created by his brush. Never having studied art before the age of 22 introduced me to painting in a "naive" way. 


Inspired mainly by Picasso, my works are figurative, with strong contrasts and shapes defined by the sensations of the moment. Other masters attracted me, such as Gauguin, Cézanne and the metaphysician De Chirico. My paintings show my idealization of reality, they focus on humans at times confronted with animals, with their habits and then society, which is what currently triggers most of my emotions. I work with a "short palette" intuitively and instinctively but with a long process of thought between actions. Since last year I have also started painting the ceilings, because creativity sometimes needs to have more spaces projected towards the sky.

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