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CALL OF DUTY-min.jpg


Luca Camberlingo
Oil on Ceiling


10 signed Limited Edition print available soon

(Contact me, to book yours in Advance)

Call of Duty is about us, today, yesterday and tomorrow. A Call of Duty for all of us, each in their own space, each doing what is right for others and for themselves. You can spot familiar and characteristic corners of Italy from south to north. There are 2 large towers that dominate the east corner, one seems to be off-axis like that one of Pisa and is the tower of culture, a symbol that for the artist contains a part of Italian history. There is also a tower of time, formed in blocks just like the Egyptian pyramids, which marks the cycle of life and the short time remaining before midnight. Behind the old towers, you find the industries that are a part of the change between the old and the new. Then here is a huge building that dominates the scene, with some classic English red houses in the background, to represent the innovation that imposes itself on the environment and on us. Inside it apparently offers space, work and life for those who live there, but its windows seem to be positioned in front of the industries, it is a scenario that unfortunately exists, especially in southern Italy. Looking carefully inside this building, someone is holding a conference, probably virtual, since there are no participants inside. This is the emblem of our time. Continuing overseas, passing through the Pillars of Hercules .... Wow, the environment finally seems to come back to life, it returns to heaven, there is a sunset, another day is ending, but there is a struggle and nature defends itself ... Why should a child become a soldier? Difficult to understand or perhaps not too much, we can certainly learn more by listening to the wise and the elderly, roots of certain value that we risk losing in this race towards the new. The center of the work collects 4 figures. A stork who brings rebirth while others is falling. Everyone can choose "how to fall" and here we see 3 different approaches. The man in gold holds a bow, but the arrows are brushes, and powerfully approaches the scene naked, as if all else is not essential apart from the mission. The woman is almost completely covered and is reading as she falls and it is not clear if she is praying or giving words of comfort and encouragement to others, or maybe reading just one other Camberlingo's story. The blue man seems to want to take his belongings with him, without realizing that he is already losing some of them during the descent. Pausing to look, we notice that in reality the only figure that really seems to be falling is the latter. The other 2 seem almost as if they've jumped by choice, perhaps from a hot air balloon. Call of Duty represents our age, it is the call not to let our world fall and not to forget our past but use it in order to improve our present.

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