I am an self-taught Contemporary artist born in Italy, currently living in London. Through lively and surreal works, I exprime my emotions and thoughts, inspired by uman states, society and the world around me. 


I was born in 1996 in Salerno (Italy). From the childhood until my teenage's year I lived in Battipaglia capital of the original Buffalo's Mozzarella, 15miles from Salerno city situated in the beautiful south by the Amalfitan Coast.

I decided to go an study at the Technical Commercial Institute "A.Genovesi" in Salerno and explore a wider reality, mainly pushed by my strong Salerno's Origin. This will let me start commute since the age of 14. 

I Followed the passion of Football since I probably start to walk, playing reaching agonism level until the age of 17, when I had an accident and stop.

This accident set me in a year of growth, an year where I start  to travel every day in the different small villages around Salerno meeting new people and opening even more my horizons, realizing how different the uman can be even living just in the next by neighborhood.

Still very young and before moving in London I worked as Entertainer in a Camping of tourist in Bibione (Venice) that will teach me the lesson of not be able of speak English. This experience will push me to move to the European capital 2 months later. Where I still live.


Barcelona, was the first city I visited. City that will play a key rule in my life creating a deep desire in me of discover the world.  I start painting in a particular period of my life, finding some calm in a super fast city. 

Luca Camberlingo

London - Tottenham Hale

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